Sunday, May 23, 2010

{a bit more for mk...}

for REAL! this little guy is so cute! seriously cute! actually, this is the little that guy that made my hubby CRY about a year and a half see, this little guy is the son of my husbands bestie. this little guy has 3 older sisters...DARLING older sisters...and at the time i was was pregnant with yet ANOTHER baby girl, our 4th to be exact, his mama was pregnant with him...a boy. when my sweet husband found out that his bestie {lucked} out and got a BOY, it made his eyes fill up. sure he was happy for the bestie...but a bit sad that he didnt get one! anyway, we {LOVE} this family very very much...and i am so {happy} that i got to do first birthday pictures of him...happy birthday jake man!


  1. These are amazing!! He is so very cute! I can't wait to see him this summer!!

  2. What a handsome little boy!! He looks a lot like Kelly to me. He has Meredith in him for sure!

  3. My comment is still not on here- what kind of mother am I? Thank you so much Teresa. You really captured this little guy. Getting a picture of his giant smile is purely priceless for me. Not to mention his sweet shy face too. He is a special guy- and can be a caddy for for the dads! :) Thank you-- and I love how dirty his feet are because they just truly are all the time!


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